Database, forecast module and interfaces

Whether Automated Vehicle Location and Monitoring Systems (AVLM), transit databases or content providers: iqu's central software acquires real-time data from various sources, stores, processes and disseminates departure information and special messages to displays, smartphones, tablets or back to transit data hubs. A high-performance database is available in the background, which works quickly and error-resistant.


So that the data of heterogeneous sources can be transferred into this database at all, iqu's control center manages common standardized interfaces such as VDV453, VDV454 and SIRI.


If no AVLM systems are available for calculating forecast data, the central software of iqu Systems also generates its own forecast data. For this purpose, it only requires position and timetable data of the vehicles in order to calculate own departure forecasts. This is done using the central forecasting tool.


The database, interfaces and the forecasting tool are background systems which are configured by iqu Systems for the respective customer and which - once set up - hardly require any further manual handling. They do their work quietly in the background and form the foundation for the subsequent central modules.